Installation of the first measuring systems in the study area

  • Date: Ab 12.2022
Photo 1. water level sensor in the Balzhofen water protection area (left). Staff gauge in Lake Hägenich (right) (photo by Tino Degenhardt, KIT-AGW).


Since the beginning of December, the first measuring devices have been successfully set up and put into operation.

Four groundwater measuring points in the water protection areas were equipped with so-called radio data loggers (see photo 1, left). These measure the groundwater level and the water temperature every 15 minutes. Next year, further groundwater measuring points will be added in the Balzhofen and Landmatt water protection areas. Two staff gauges have also been deployed to monitor the differences between the water levels of the small and large Hägenichsee (a groundwater-fed lake) (see photo 1, right).

Since 12.12.22 the first weather station of the BioWaWi project is located in the fenced pumping station of the Landmatt water protection area (see photo 2), which provides hourly updated information about the weather (e.g., air temperature, humidity, air pressure, precipitation and wind). The snowfall can also be measured with the help of a heater. In addition, the station is equipped with a soil probe so that knowledge of soil moisture and temperatures can be obtained down to a depth of 120 cm below ground level.

Further weather stations will follow, distributed over all three water protection areas Balzhofen, Landmatt and Kappler Forest. Each station is adapted to the environment, thus individually equipped, and will measure air humidity and temperature as well as soil moisture and temperature.

Photo 2. (left) Mr. T. Degenhardt (KIT-AGW), Mr. Horcher (Stadtwerke Bühl) and Mr. Grimmeisen (SEBA) after the successful installation of the first weather station (right) within the BioWaWi project (photo by Flavia Digiacomo, KIT-AGW).